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Brunswick Stew


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Crockpot Brunswick Stew recipe; I moved to the Carolinas and fell in love w/ Brunswick Stew!

When I was 15, we moved from Lexington, Ky to Atlanta, Ga.  (East Point, to be exact).  There used to be a chain of restaurants called Old Hickory House.  I don't know if Brunswick Stew was their c...

Brunswick Stew originated in 1828 in Brunswick County, Virginia. A thick stew including tomatoes, potatoes, Lima beans, corn, and onions, it was originally made with squirrel. Today, chicken is usually substituted for the squirrel.

When I lived in South Georgia, I fell in love with Brunswick stew! Sugar Spice by Celeste: A Stellar Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew | Plain Chicken...I use more broth, Italian seasoning instead of just oregano, and no sugar...

I have a variation of this in the crock pot today. Subbed some already cooked roast beef for the stew beef, thyme for the italian seasoning, no peas, less onions and tomatoes, more broth, and added a bit of red wine and worchestire sauce.