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Druids and later “witches” were thought to shapeshift into hares for magical work. Because of this belief, according to Julius Cesar (since we all know his works on the Celts are just so very reliable), it was considered taboo amongst the Celts to eat hare in case you were eating someone who was just shifting.

thing a day 2011 in progress by puffy green on flikr

Frida Stenmark// I love how free and open this mark-making is. I would like to bring that quality to my own work.

Wrist Tattoos -- beautiful on older hands!

bunny tattoo? the littler one would be orange for marvy, and the big one brown for delilah!

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat tattoo

the rabbit caught my eye, of course it was done by Russ Abbott.

One of my favorite piece ever, made by none other than the man himself : Thomas Hooper