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What lies beneath: Radiologist Kai-hung Fung uses a CT scan to capture this amazing image of the back of a human nose

Villa of the small intestine. Helen Jaques » Blog Archive » Wellcome Image Awards: shedding light on the microscopic world

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Definition Genetic engineering and Properties of Embryonic and Adult Stem cells (Material and Methods)

Human embryonic stem cells

Blood clot. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a blood clot from the inner wall of the left ventricle of a human heart. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) are trapped within a fibrin protein mesh (cream). The fibrin mesh is formed in response to chemicals secreted by platelets (pink), fragments of white blood cells. Clots are formed in response to cardiovascular disease or injuries to blood vessels. Connective tissue (orange) is also seen.

Diatom. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a Skeletonema punctatum diatom

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Sperm Tracked in 3-D—A First

A human sperm encounters an egg, seen via electron microscope National Geographic image by David Phillips, Visuals Unlimited

What created the Waterfall Nebula? No one knows. The structure seen in the region of NGC 1999 in the Great Orion Molecular Cloud complex is one of the more mysterious structures yet found on the sky.

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Diatom, Sem Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Steve Gschmeissner

Absolute art in nature. A colored scanning electron microscope image of a diatom by Steve Gschmeissner. Most likely a Amphora Sp.