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Though it was a crazy life, every morning Cassie loved when her siblings piled on the be and kissed her awake. She liked it almost as much as when Brayden kissed her awake.

This would be a cute picture of Haleigh :) I love her little profile in her shadow. It would be a perfect way to capture it!

Mommy & Baby. Must have picture when I'm a mommy! Tobi Rimington

Alixann Loosle Photography: Niki + Avery + Lilly Portraits

"the joy of motherhood comes in moments. there will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction." -ballard.

love everything in this picture, the dish towels, the hot pats, the china - simply beautiful

The 50's. *sigh*Linda Ellis At home under the weather today, and saw this. Made me feel good....a bit nostalgic, and very missing my Mama and Nannies. Their kitchens were always warm and smelled of wonderful things to eat...not to mention the sweet company.