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Captain Jack Sparrow on board ship, movie commentaries. Pirate, swan. A chance to to do the right thing, I like to wave them as they pass by. Ha ha.

So I am "The Stand" by Stephen King, "These Times Are Hard" by SafetySuit. People don't wish to know my thoughts. Don't eat breakfast on Saturdays or any day for that matter....unless its @ 10:30. Gotcha'.

I find that I STILL say this frequently! Funny how some things just "stick"

When my best friend and I are deciding the cheapest way to go out on weekends! Random Funny Pictures – 45 Pics

I know a man with a goat.... Good and I can go like this!!!!!! Best part of the whole movie!!!

Bhahaha... Never get tired of waving at them

Wow I never quite caught this watching the movies, much more respect for Captain Jack!

Madness and brilliance always go hand in hand, because without being a little mad, you cannot be brilliant! 😉😘 My own words... Geez, I can be so wise sometimes. Lol

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