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blow bubbles instead of rice!

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Because confetti is banned in some parks and gardens. So bubbles! I'm having this at my wedding fo' shizzle! Simple and cheap. Leave a bottle of bubble on each seat with a little note attached. Let the magic begin xx

We're thinking about doing a Finish Line banner -with the date... Give us your ideas!!

Mar 3 DIY Mint Chocolate Body Scrub

7 creative Save-the-Date ideas. This one: clothesline-save-the-date-east-hill-photo.

Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day.

Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day.

Enlist your best man for the first look. | 18 Glorious Ideas For Groomsmen Photos

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Such a cute wedding idea!

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The wedding photography is an important part of your big day. It is your wedding photos that will capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back. If you are looking for some uni.

wedding photo ideas with bridal party

You are such a kind bride wanting to learn a few tips and tricks to ensure your bridesmaids feel special! Read on and Happy Wedding day!

It’s spring and short sleeved wedding gowns are in the spotlight as ideal for spring and summer affairs. I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous ones for you to see that you can really find any model in any style. Short and long...

In fact, I like the whole gown. So many of those "modest" gowns are incredibly frumpy.] Modest Wedding Dress with Sleeves Lace Wedding Dress Kallah Gown Tzniut Tznius

Why We Love It: Gather all of your relatives for this adorable photo idea!Why You Love It: "This picture says it all. Celebrating love with friends and families!" —Robbi R. "Love including the family!" —Jody O. "Very romantic." —Melinda S.Photo Credit: Kimbry Studios

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