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I ❤ embroidery . . . Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 26- This week the challenge stitch is Palestrina stitch. Directions are in my stitch dictionary so just follow the link. It is a stitch that looks quite complex but once you are in the swing of it is enjoyable and relaxing. This stitch is a textured stitch which holds a curve well. If you click on the image to the left it will take you to a larger view. The thickness of your thread will change the look of this stitch. ~By sharonb, pintangle


Stitch Fun: Lacing and Whipping Embroidery Stitches

You can "dress up" many embroidery stitches by lacing them or whipping them with another thread. It's like creating a whole new stitch - only really simple! Here are some tips & techniques for lacing and whipping all kinds of embroidery stitches.


Stitch Fun: Doodling with Lattice Stitches

Lattice Stitch with French Knots from Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread. She has one of the very best Embroidery sites on the internet, clear instructional videos and lots of eye candy! Wonderful site!

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch Video - a simple embroidery stitch that makes a beautiful textured braid. You can read more about it on Needle 'n Thread and see samples.


French Knot Video Updated

transformation with thread and needle (lots of embroidery how-to videos)