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  • Alaina O'Reilly

    death cab #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

  • Cortney Hopkins

    Love is watching someone die. If I were to ever get a tattoo, it would say this. Death Cab for Cutie lyric

  • Jenseny Christensen

    Death Cab Tattoo. I like the words, but not the black box. Looks like a cover up.

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How I want to get my LOTR poem tattoo, just not as big and starting @ the top of my shoulder. And prettier writing. Haha :)

I'm not a tattoo girl, but this is really beautiful and love the way her shirt with the draped shoulder exposes the lovely writing.

one of my favorite tattoos i've ever come across on the web. this tattoo was done by tattoo artist dawn grace in chicago. just another reason for me to visit chicago again.

tattoo~Ok, not something I want, this just represents exactly what I think about solving a Rubik's Cube, lol! It really does take rocket science!

The down facing triangle is a symbol of femininity. I like these, even though they aren't triangle.

"Why do you stay with such a fool?" "Hmmm. I suppose because he's been the most powerful magus on this plane exactly four times. Of course, half of those times he was the only magus remaining, therefore fit every superlative for magi, especially most foolish. However, one time, he gained a power respected, feared... and fetching." "Huh? How'd he fall from that exalted height?" "Even the most foolish of men can't match the hubris of magi, my apprentice. No exceptions. " -@AuFleecer

Deathly Hallows with a twist.