The Urban Gardener: Indoor Window Garden Inspiration

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À vous le meuble porte plante DIY inestimable

À vous le meuble porte plante DIY inestimable

The Pot ladder designed by Klaus Aalto is an easy way to gather up the plants at home. Based on a traditional idea, the Pot ladder is designed to fit for a light, Scandinavian decor.

Wrap one colander handle tightly with a half-yard of twine, pushing pieces together as you go to avoid gaps. Once covered, tie off and add a dab of glue to secure. Knot a yard of twine at each end of the handle. Repeat entire process with opposite handle. Next, line the colander with sheet moss and fill with potting soil and seasonal plants. (We used ferns and pansies.) Tie four lengths of twine together and hang.

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