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Bro fist!!!!!! Avengers Hulk & Thor

Bro fist!!!!!!

Thor, Hulk, and a Pewdiepie reference! Brofist my fellow muchacho !

My Little Pony Avengers. I wish they actually made these so Scarlett could have them! May have to put Ben to work painting some My Little Pony originals being the artist that he is!

My Little Avengers.

My Little Pony Avengers. I don't usually go for this kind of thing- but pony! And the assumed gait of Pony!Loki is killing me.

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Posting the chibi Avengers in a separate post. They’re available for order as postcard sets/individuals [here] .

... Of how I am so thankful that I'm not the only person who thought this through the entire movie!

Give them a little slack, the Doctor's been doing this kinda thing for nearly a thousand years, and he's got a TARDIS, and a sonic screwdriver.

DBZ Bro Fist

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We're just friends.

bahahahahaha "We're just friends!" After that day, Iron Man and Magneto took separate trains to work

The Last Pop-Tart

The Last Pop-Tart

Thor and Loki-The Last Poptart. "Brother, when I'm finished take me to the liqueur cabinet, I want to swim in the ale!