Evian's 2009 ad featuring a gang of break-dancing, roller-skating baby dancers has largely been credited with (or blamed for) the goofy baby trend.

After more than a decade of ads, E-Trade has branded itself the baby-man's choice for financial services.

A new ad launching Pepsi Next proved the dancing baby has come a long way since "Ally McBeal."

This hybrid man-baby starring in a Latin American DirecTV ad is further proof the viral trend has gone international.

Not long after the age-twisting site Man Babies gained popularity online, this Sony Playstation ad was unleashed on the world. It follows a full-grown man with the head and brain of a baby.

A bald baby selling men's mustache dye? Believe it. The reaction from viewers who watched Just for Men's goateed baby ladies' man was universal horror.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of a documentary about breastfeeding in a culture that discourages and sexualizes it. Giving even $20 can help more women learn the real facts about breastfeeding and get the support they deserve. The Milky Way Movie: Nursing A Galactic Revolution by Chantal Molnar

The history of La Leche League. Breastfeeding is a key part of forming a healthy oxytocin response, and the community provided by LLL is another powerful oxytocin booster.

The Lost Secret of the Throne - A documentary film by the Healthy Children Project. The film explores the depiction of breastfeeding in Western popular culture through the lens of three teenage girls