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    This hybrid man-baby starring in a Latin American DirecTV ad is further proof the viral trend has gone international.

    Evian's 2009 ad featuring a gang of break-dancing, roller-skating baby dancers has largely been credited with (or blamed for) the goofy baby trend.

    After more than a decade of ads, E-Trade has branded itself the baby-man's choice for financial services.

    Not long after the age-twisting site Man Babies gained popularity online, this Sony Playstation ad was unleashed on the world. It follows a full-grown man with the head and brain of a baby.

    A Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of a documentary about breastfeeding in a culture that discourages and sexualizes it. Giving even $20 can help more women learn the real facts about breastfeeding and get the support they deserve. The Milky Way Movie: Nursing A Galactic Revolution by Chantal Molnar

    A new ad launching Pepsi Next proved the dancing baby has come a long way since "Ally McBeal."

    The history of La Leche League. Breastfeeding is a key part of forming a healthy oxytocin response, and the community provided by LLL is another powerful oxytocin booster.

    The Lost Secret of the Throne - A documentary film by the Healthy Children Project. The film explores the depiction of breastfeeding in Western popular culture through the lens of three teenage girls

    This ad announcing the opening of new location in India was called out as one of the oddest moments in the fast food chain's history.