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Facts you might not have known about Toy Story...

Toy Story: Great movie. Toy Story 2: Wow, a really good sequel. Toy Story 3: The magic never ends, does it?

LOL SO AMAZING!!! That moment when your internet friends are better than your real friends ♥

andy's toys: I am fond of them. I've watched Toy Story movies gazillion times for the past 7 years. For more to come! :D

Woody. I imagine the animators needing to take a break as they get a good laugh out of these :)

Me and Kathleen S Bernard in 40 years...except we'll be in sparkly moo moo's with big hats, drinking vodka on the rocks, smoking Virginia Slims sitting on the beach whistling at boys

Possible background image? I would remove the 2 arms in the picture along with the title and add my own things to it to make it my own.