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3 Ingredient Banana Nutella Ice Cream

3 Ingredient Banana Nutella Ice Cream

Skinny Banana Nutella Ice Cream made with only bananas, vanilla and Nutella. So delicious! Its advertised as healthy.idk if I would go that far, but better than ice cream and definitely a cheat day treat!

Nutella popsicles, using nutella and milk

Nutella Pops: Ingredients: 1 cup full cream milk cup Nutella Method: Step Gather all ingredients and popsicle moulds. Step Place the milk and Nutella in a blender and blend until thoroughly combined. Step Pour into a popsicle moulds. Step Freeze and serve

Chunky Monkey Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Popsicles

Chunky Monkey Popsicles

Chunky Monkey Popsicles made with chocolate, peanut butter, bananas and peanuts. Great idea recipe for healthy kids snack!

To Make. Nutella + Banana + Blender + Freezer. LIFE. CHANGED. 140 calories. Maybe change Nutella to chocolate PB2???? Even LESS calories!

140 calories per popsicle. Move over Skinny Cows. I've died and gone to heaven!

Mix together 2 cups of Cool Whip, 6 tbsp. of Nutel - Mix together 2 cups of Cool Whip, 6 tbsp. of Nutella, 1 cup of milk. Pour into popcicle molds. Freeze for a few hours.  Repinly Food & Drink Popular Pins

Creamy Nutella Popsicles

nutella and cool whip popsicles. although i think i would just make separate nutella and cool whip popsicles.

Nutella Ice Cream-  My kids and hubby would LOVE these!

Nutella Ice Cream

Nutella Banana Ice-cream, Only 140 Cals Per Popsicle.nutella and ice-cream into a blender then freeze it up :)

Healthy Strawberry Ice Cream...was pretty good. Tasted more like a smoothie than ice cream as I didn't freeze it long enough!

Healthy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream 🍓 Blend 1 cup strawberries, 1 small banana, and ⅓ cup almond milk. 🍌 Freeze and you have ice cream!

Nutella and Banana Sushi

Nutella & Banana Sushi - includes easy video tutorial

Nutella & Banana Sushi - the ultimate delicious treat for kids! I would use a chocolate peanut butter filling with the banana instead of Nutella

Oh my! Nutella and cream cheese inside? Yikes!  Www.flourmewithlove.blogspot/2012/02/nutella-cheese-danish.html

Flour Me With Love: Nutella & Cheese Danish 1 ounce) can croissant dough 1 ounce) block of cream cheese, softened C powdered sugar 3 Tbs. Nutella some extra Nutella, melted a little powdered sugar.skip the nutella and use chocolate peanut butter!

Fudgy banana Nutella popsicles made with only 3 ingredients! -the girls would love these

3-Ingredient Banana Nutella Popsicles

Nutella + banana + blender + freezer= 140 calories per popsicle= life changed.

Nutella + banana + blender + freezer. LIFE. CHANGED. 140 calories.