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Epsom Salt Vs. Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is found in large quantities within the human body and serves many purposes. It is responsible for upholding the work of nerves and muscles, regulates heart rate and strengthens bones. Some people may suffer from magnesium deficiency, particularly those who take certain types of medications or who have intestinal disorders that affect...


Magnesium Supplements & Knotted Muscles in the Neck

Although lack of exercise, stress, poor posture and repetitive work habits could all be culprits in neck muscle knotting, you might consider your nutritional intake as well. With the decline of vitamin and mineral content in foods due to growing methods and processing, you could experience deficiencies in vital minerals such as magnesium. The...

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6 steps to reducing your credit card interest rates

6 simple steps to help you reduce your credit card interest rates refinance credit card debt, pay off credit card debt

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Lower Back Pain Infographic

of Americans have low back pain every year! Most low back pain is mechanical and not a serious condition. This means that low back pain relief is possible and low back pain is a chiropractor's specialty! Get low back pain relief, visit your chiropractor!

warm water and 1/4 cup detox mixture (1 cup sea salt, 2 cups baking soda and 1 cup epsom salt = detox mixture) creates a detox through the feet by soaking feet for 30 minutes.

Magnesium is need for so many things, including restful sleep, digestion of food, heart health, fertility, strong bones, energy and so much more. If you’d like to learn even more about magnesium, you can do what I am going to do. Order The Magnesium Miracle and dig into all the details explained by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Go to this site to learn how to make your own magnesium cream.

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