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Indian Ocean Frit Blend

This top-selling blend is great for ocean themed beads. Team it with silver for an elegant look.

Safari Frit Blend

This reactive blend in an interesting combination of golden browns, white and topaz. It's very reactive on ivory for that perfect organic bead--great blend! Fuss Free Available in two sizes: Frit Size & Frit Size Reactive Blend Transparent

Painted Desert Frit Blend

A complex, reactive frit blend which works nicely with Silver. Strike & heavily reduce the glass to bring out this blends lustrous multicolors!

Prism Frit Blend

A kaleidoscope of rich blues, greens, purples & gold. A Top Seller Frit Size Transparent

Firecracker Frit Blend

Bursts of cherry cola red, indigo, pinks with a touch of gold sparkles are paired with a reactive Iris Orange (Raku) that makes this blend a show stopper!

Paradise Found Frit Blend

This elegant blend has so much depth.

Mint Julep Frit Blend

Several shades of green, tan & creams make up this minty blend. Green aventurine add sparkle to this delightful blend. Be sure to melt the frit slow so you avoid over heating to keep the blue sparkle.

Royal Purple Glass Frit

NEW Gaffer Royal Purple - Glass Frit - K1 - CoE 96 - Gaffer - 50g (1.76 ounces)

Jamaican Splash Frit Blend

Jamaican Splash Frit Blend from Glass DIversions

Premium Frit Blends

A sultry blend of soft tones paired with a touch of lime green. This no-fuss blend works beautifully on clear or any soft opaque.

Pearl Palace Cuff Pattern : Leslee Frumin - Teacher and Designer, Beads, Metals and Gems

Peacock Frit Blend

An enticing blend loaded with several shades of teal, aqua, purples and a touch of apricot for balance. A fuss-free customer favorite!