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Zip line into the ocean.

Ziplining into the ocean, Los Cabos, Mexico. ziplining is on my bucket list!

Before I die…

I have gone zip lining before but it was more of an obstacle course and less of a longer zipline. Going zip lining over the ocean would be beautiful and really fun because you would land in the ocean and it would just be really pretty and fun!

 Gotta get over my fear of being in the ocean first

Gone snorkeling in Culebura Island in Puerto Rico. one of my best experience and joy that ive gone and done. I think everyone should go to that Island to camp out at night and snorkel, put it in your bucket list for sure!

Swim in all 5 oceans ... so crazy to swim in artic and antarctic

before i die - Pacific ocean - Atlantic - Indian ocean - Southern ocean - Arctic ocean

Playa del Carmen is most commonly known for all-inclusive stays featuring pristine beaches and aqua blue ocean views. However, these destinations have another pristine blue natural phenomenon to offer visitors, and there are more than just a few to chose from. These are called Cenotes and here are the 7 best cenotes near Playa del Carmen to visit.

7 Best Cenotes near Playa del Carmen to visit

7 best cenotes near playa del carmen to visit on your next holiday. Enjoy crystal clear blue water, spa fish, jumping cliffs, snorkelling and amazing scuba.

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bucket list: Jump on a water trampoline Done in mexico it was so fun we saw the fish swimming beneath us!