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As a person with glasses, life is not easy...

The little things in life that ruffle your feathers...

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place...

No shave November Don't Shave December Just a little longer January Furry February Monster March---and shaves again

Yep- when my husband isn't at home, that's so me!

That is the truest thing I've ever read.

More like when my allergies are acting up...or every day of the year. Lol

I don't want to be an adult anymore...

Quick guide to southern grammar. YEESS !!! i hate when i go to a restaurant with the girls and the waitress says " hi guys what can i get you to drink" it's either ya'll or ladies... GUYS is not a replacement for y'all

This is so me! I turn into a 6 year old

Sadly, this is very accurate! Why does this happen?

I get scared when I have to sneeze while driving.