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6 best #apps for study abroad students

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6 study-abroad mistakes to avoid | USA TODAY College

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How To Manage #Money Abroad. Great for students studying abroad!

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MU Journalism Abroad • Study Abroad Bucket List: LONDON

Her Campusfrom Her Campus

13 Last-Minute Things to Pack for Study Abroad

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13 Last-Minute Things to Pack for Study Abroad (These would be good for any abroad travel.)

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6 Ways to Avoid Crazy Data Charges Abroad

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Some handy tips to help you avoid killer phone bills while abroad! #savethatcashforfunstuff #studyabroad #usq

Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog)from Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog)

What to Pack When Studying Abroad

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Packing Tips for Study Abroad Students

The Abroad Guidefrom The Abroad Guide

15 Items You'll Be Glad You Purchased Before Study Abroad

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Packing List For Studying Abroad

Things To Pack For Europe

If you're studying abroad soon, you're bound to forget at least a few of these things that you should definitely take with you for your study abroad experience.


9 Tips to Make the Most of Weekend Trips Abroad

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London Weekend Trip

Helpful tips for those who are studying abroad and can easily access other countries on the weekends (looking at you, Europe travelers!)

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Studying Abroad In England

Study Abroad: How to Balance Budget, Traveling, Social Life, and Classes.

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FlatClub Blog: The best resources for interning and studying abroad. If you're traveling abroad, look at all these great tips from websites like GoOverseas, The Study Abroad Blog, and Life After Study Abroad. #study #intern #abroad

Gina Alysefrom Gina Alyse

Packing Essentials: Studying Abroad in Europe

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Packing For Study Abroad In Italy

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Packing List Essentials: Study Abroad in Europe

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

25 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad

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Study Abroad Packing Ireland

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Awesome, awesome #studyabroad tips! #spistudyabroad #adventure #travel #advice

The Abroad Guidefrom The Abroad Guide

How to Avoid the Study Abroad 15

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How to avoid the study abroad 15 -- tips on staying in shape while studying abroad.

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How to stay healthy while studying abroad - via USA Today College

Her Campusfrom Her Campus

5 Apps You Need to Download for Study Abroad

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Traveling With Your Best Friend

5 best study abroad apps

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Cheap Ways To Travel Europe

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Some helpful travel tips for all you study abroaders

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Tour Ireland

Money Tips for Traveling and Study Abroad. How much to bring, how to get more, and where to get it for less!

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Universal adapter: 8 compact essentials for your semester abroad | USA TODAY College

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These are some great tips from a girl who decided to go abroad for all of college--not just one semester! Super helpful before studying abroad but would also help anyone looking to travel, work, or live abroad!