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  • Megan Martin

    The point of Ugg boots is to keep your feet and legs warm. By wearing said boots with shorts your not only defeating their purpose, but you look silly. Thank you.

  • Judy Dorman

    My niece told me girls that wear short skirts or shorts with Uggs are called Eski-Ho's. I almost wet myself laughing. She was 13 at the time.

  • Jennifer Collier

    PLEASE for the Love of God!!! seriously if its warm enough for a mini skirt then don't wear ugg boots.

  • Carli Hinkel

    Ugg boots and mini skirts all in one day. funny

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"You had one job" bahahahaha! Had to repin in honor of Coach Walter!!!!(:

Only because I am so sick of seeing the "Keep calm and ____" quotes everywhere!

Google That Shit: and you'll usually find the answer.

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if its eighty degree weather with the sun shining brightly outside... please dont bust out your uggs with short shorts, skirts, or dresses. its not going to snow in this type weather. im just going to look at you like you were dropped at birth.

  • Jenelle Austel

    It's comfy and it works if u wear them just at night when u need to walk somewhere quick but I agree not in the sun when it's 80 degrees ha

  • Caroline Trunzo

    Love Uggs but that look is so bad! However it can be said.about thy morons who wear flip flops in the dead beat of winter!!!!

  • Geri Vela

    They were originally surfer boots at the beach

  • Cira Arcaute

    Everyone's a critic ...

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I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but I think shorts should be longer than your vagina.

Yeah, say it. I dare you. (but really, don't. I HATE it, so much, and honestly could your generation be any more pathetic? Can't spell, don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'...the list goes on).

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Ecards-- Hahahaha!! Sorry kid, can't take you seriously with that kind of typing.

It's A Scientific Fact: You should never tell a woman she's crazy, unless you want to see crazy.

  • martha

    Yeap and the following answer is... "If you think this is crazy... I'll show you crazy!"

My reaction to most shorts these days.

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