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Sky Diving!

Last on my list.really have to overcome my fear of heights. Scared to death, but Kurt wants me to do it with him. he has gone like 15 times.

You know you want to do it... just so you can say... "YA i did it!!"

I want to do this SUPER BAD! but i will need an expert b/c i have no clue on how that thing works.

Done! (Tater-tots can hurt if they are thrown hard enough!)

Yes! I used to have those french fries at lunch in elementary school. My friends and I always dreamed of having a food fight with them :)

Mom - My birthday one year :)

I pinned this a while ago onto my bucket list and for my birthday my boyfriend got me an amazing edible arrangement. He knows me so well!

Four Corners Daniela Diego Danny and I got to stand in a different states and only inches apart....pretty cool. :) DONE!!!!

The Bucket List Life

"Four Corners Monument ". Be in Four States at Once : Utah,Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. The monument stone is at Shiprock, Utah

Google Image Result for http://alysahalteman.theworldrace.org/blogphotos/theworldrace/alysahalteman/100_2863.JPG

Been on the Prime Meridian in Ecuador.now I need to stand on the equator. On the to do list

Already planning for either Russia in 2014 or Rio in 2016!

watch the olympics live! preferably track, gymnastics, or swimming. I love the summer olympics


i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

Lo que toda mujer quiere

I already have a closet full of shoes.just not an entire closet devoted to shoes!

Me and my dad definately are going here together. We have been waiting a long time to go here.

Has been added to the bucket list.Treck across Alaska before I die. if anything I am going on a CRUISE to Alaska!