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30 Sensory Strategies to Help Kids Pay Attention - Some children who experience difficulty with paying attention may need less sensory input because they become distracted or overwhelmed by certain sensory experiences. However, many children are better able to attend to and participate when tasks appeal to the senses. They need more sensory input to regulate themselves and stay focused.

Free social skills video about paying attention when the teacher is talking with corresponding fluency passages, common core extension activities, coloring pages, and printable books for grades K-2. Could also be used with older elementary students with special needs. There are a lot more videos on about safety, citizenship, manners, nutrition, fitness, and more!

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How to teach your toddler to focus

If you are a mom who struggles with a lively toddler or preschooler, or you simply want to teach your kids good focusing skills to help prepare the for school, this post is for you.

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Pay Attention, Please…. #2

27 Things to Do With Students Who are not Paying Attention... infographic

Wish guys could get a better understanding of this. Effort and observation is important.

Cute! A letter monster swatter that helps kids learn the alphabet. {Mrs. Riccas Kindergarten}

This is a list of ways to engage student who are off-task or not paying attention. I like that it focuses on positive ways to get students to participate rather than giving the student negative feedback. The list includes quick ways to change up instruction to grab students' attention. -Tracy Healey

"Pay attention to the gentle ones, the ones who can hold your gaze with no discomfort, the ones who smile to themselves while sitting alone in a coffeeshop, the ones who walk as if floating. Take them in and marvel at them. Simply marvel. It takes an extraordinary person to carry themselves as if they do not live in hell." - D. Bunyavong

Mazes can help kids learn to focus. Just a few minutes doing them at the beginning of class helps my kids settle down when they come in from PE, too, and they love doing them.