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  • Sam Smith

    Do this on 1st day of school/once a year & turn it into a photo book for graduation present

  • Sara Weand

    Another cute idea for 1st day of school picture

  • Lauren Danielle

    Such a cute idea: 1st Day of School Photos. Make a book and give it to them for graduation.

  • Allison Saladino

    1st day of school photo for photo book

  • Michelle Nilson

    Such a cute idea! Do every year for the first day of school, then make a book and give it for a HS graduation gift. Priceless.

  • Susan Berge

    Fun 1st day of school photo idea

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What a great idea.... every school year take another picture and watch the changes....when they graduate high school put all of the pictures together and give it to them as a graduation gift.

First day of school pictures...interesting to see how their dreams change #rootsandwingsco.blogspot

A pretty cute idea for first day of school--then you can add in in their kindergarten memory books :)

Photo ideas for the first day of school....must remember when we start pre-school!!!!

make a list of everything your child loves on the first days of school

This would be cute for every school year until graduation - with the year written also.

great milestone idea Lauren Davison Davison Peyton Since Melody is starting Pre-K!!

This is such a great idea for parents or even grandparents - wonderful treasures & memories...... Two Naps By Noon: Early Graduation Gift For Baby

First Grade Favorites! Do this every year. Put them in a book for graduation present.

Another way to let your child (or any family member) know you're thinking of them on those stressful days