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    father daughter

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    This Father's Day, plant some trees with dad by purchasing our Me to We Style Gift Card. Buying a Father's Day Gift Card gives back to the environment assuring that dad will get something eco-friendly and can easily customize his gift by picking out exactly what he wants on our website! For Every Tee we Plant a Tree. Happy Father's Day from your fellow Shameless Idealists at Me to We Style.

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is this not the cutest! daddy's and their daughters~something special!

Father and Daughter. There should be a framed picture like this of Dad and one of the girls!

Photography Inspiration - Portraiture - Father - Natural - Black & White - On Location - Outdoor Photography

Father and daughter. This just reminded me so much of Abbie with her twirling her ponytail that I just had to repin it. :)

A daughter & father bond is probably one of the most important the two of them will ever have. The daughter hopefully learns to trust men & the father learns, if he hasn't already, how to respect woman.

Americans speak often of their devotion to their families and desire America to be a nation that supports and protects the family unit and supports the individual in building family prosperity and legacies.

father / daughter. My hubby loves our daughter soooo much. Can't wait to capture these pictures for her to look back at :)

A kiss to start his journey in life...a promise that he will be loved...a hope that he will be happy..and a confidence that shows him that EVERY person has greatness within them through courage, strength and wisdom. Believe you are GREAT and you WILL be..KNOW that life will get you down but it's NOT over, YOU have the power to change your's NEVER too late..NEVER..;)

Once we meet our children, even for moments, in a place of "I don't know," of relinquished authority, we return to the realms of mystery and magic, where real connection becomes alive again. -Arjuna Ardagh

great idea for maternity shot. Hopefully Ill get less single mom clients this year.

Dads will always put their daughter on the highest pedestal.