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DIY Faux Make-up for little Girls!

Not So Idle Hands, Crafts from the Crafty- Faux Makeup for the little people!

Messless Makeup: Use empty makeup containers and pore in fingernail polish of various colors. Let it dry, and throw in some clean applicators.

no mess makeup for little girls: pour nail polish into empty makeup containers to make pretend makeup. What a cute idea!

Old nailpolish to make pretend makeup for kids once hardened.

Cheap dollar store makeup, and dollar store nail polish. Perfect for little girls. My 2 year old love putting makeup on mommy. Pretend makeup made from nail polish. My girls will LOVE this.

250 Easy, Fun Ways to Get Crafty With Your Kids!

250 Easy, Fun Ways to Get Crafty With Your Kids!

250 Easy, Fun Ways to Get Crafty With Kids. Use these for babysitting ideas!

Small batch recipe for my fav home-made HE compatible Laundry Soap...she breaks down each ingredients cost...crazy OCD like that :)

DIY Laundry Detergent

I made a large batch almost a year ago and it works great! (S) Small batch recipe for my fav home-made HE compatible Laundry Soap.she breaks down each ingredients cost.crazy OCD like that :)

Batmobile from a Cozy Coupe. Directions call for using a Cricut... would either need someone with one to make me the batman logo, or need another way to do it. But what a great idea, especially to repurpose a used/gross looking coupe!!

batmobile from a cozy coupe - and maybe one for Robin and the Joker? Spray paint on a plastic car?

How to make a jar of fairies!  My kids love them! 1) Cut a glow stick and pour into a jar and shake 2) Add diamond glitter 3) Seal the top of the jar 4) shake the jar until you have the desired effect. (also a link if you need it) by *BiJ@L

Fairies in a jar. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter Seal the top with a lid. ( glow sticks at the Dollar Tree. used a mason jar that I had left over from the Salt Art in a Jar project.

Sip Snap: turn any cup into a sippy cup... perfect for traveling

spill-proof cup lid that’s molded with elastic silicone to provide an airtight seal over any cup without handles

LEGO — All for the Boys


A great solution to LEGO messes. A portable LEGO tray.Awesome idea, but i think i'll use a premade breakfast in bed tray!

"Shout" It Out (Homemade version)    Try vinegar instead of ammonia.    Also, for grease stains: use WD-40 to reactivate the grease stain, then use dish soap to remove both the stain and the WD-40.

4-Ingredient Homemade Stain Remover

DIY play makeup instead of kids real makeup!!  (I'm crazy, I know.  I don't think little girls should be putting on makeup at such young ages.  My girl will be getting this!!  Hehehe!)

DIY Faux Makeup - Pretend play makeup made from old cosmetic cases and cheap nail polish

Instead of messy bottles of glue, make a glue sponge. Students can just dab their shapes onto the sponge. It’ll keep for a really long time, as long as you spritz it with water and flip the sponge over every so often. More detailed directions on website.

THE GLUE SPONGE: cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue in it, and the kids can press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it like a big glue stick

For organized kids toys

Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas DIY Gifts - 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials cute gifts for girls sweet sweet sweet

Super fun kids crafts and activities at the36thavenue.com #kids #crafts #diy

Kids Crafts and Activities

This Round-Up of Kid Crafts has Recipes, Hair Tutorials, FREE Printables, Coloring Pages, Adorable Crafts… It’s Time To Play!

Pretend make-up from nail polish, so she can't actually put it on her face. make sure it dries first :)

Genius idea for my toddler girl! Pretend makeup made from nail polish! Pour nail polish in an old makeup container, let dry & kid free mess!