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Some people will go to great lengths to hurt and degrade you, which is very sad. Don't let them steal your joy. Keep moving forward with grace and honesty. Always have faith and believe in yourself. Also, as hard as it may be, pray for those people who attack your character as a human being. By doing so, you no longer let them live rent free in your thoughts and feelings. Give it to God.

Matthew 19:25 Remind me of this over and over again...

And I need to have more FAITH in God to get me through things instead of always wanting to be in control.....

Would be perfect framed in our living room by where we keep the remote.

I should remember this when I try to take control on uncontrollable situations

Keep an eternal perspective in all things. Never doubt, Have faith be strong. Love this talk :)

faith... "Fear is a hollow darkness in the future that reaches back through time to rob our joy now by belittling the sovereign goodness of God. But if we are in Christ, if we cling to him by faith, we don’t have to be afraid."- John Piper