He came, He died, He arose, He ascended, He's coming back!

"God is greater than the highs and lows"

He is greater than I :) newest tattoo


“Sauvée” means “saved” in French

"My Chains Are Gone" wrist tattoo. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE as in, I would seriously reconsider getting this faith tattoo.

{God is greater than the ups and the downs} 1 John 3:20 ~ this would be a great tatoo :)

Red String Of Fate Tattoo – (it Should Be Her Pinky And His Thumb) “according To Chinese Legend, Two People Who Are Destined To Be Together Are Attached By An Invisible Red String Bound From A Male’s Thumb To A Female’s Pinky Finger. An Invisible Red Thread Connects Those Who Are Destined To Meet, Regardless Of Time, Place, Or Circumstances. The Thread May Stretch Or Tangle But Will Never Break.”

45 Purposeful Mandala Tattoo Designs For Women....I'm not sure about the "purposeful" part, but I like them anyway

He came. He died. He rose. He ascended. He is coming again.

tetelestai - It Is Finished!

I love this unique way of combining the word 'faith' and a cross. I can see this as a forearm or the side of the forearm tattoo. Maybe add some minor details, but overall I like it!

Next tattoo? God is greater than the highs and lows <3

Buddhist quote tattoo inspiration <3....I think these are lyrics from the cinematic orchestra~to build a home <3

"God is within her, she will not fall." Psalm 46:5

Take those broken wings and learn to fly

Hebrew text "child of God". if I ever get a tattoo, this is it. Only in white and smaller and higher up on the arm. love it. (love the ring too!!)

Women's Tattify 'Bird Is the Word' Temporary Tattoos

"This is a tattoo I got very recently for my dad who passed away. He said “tell Morgan I love her” in the last letter he wrote to my sister so I had them tattoo his exact hand writing. I’m so in love with it. It’s so simple and yet has so much meaning behind it. It’s a reminder to myself everyday that I am loved."