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I loved Lemon Up Shampoo. The smell and the cool lemon shaped top!

Oh, yes, I had one of these! I loved it so much. I remember lemon twisting in my grandparents' back yard. I remember how smooth and worn the lemon got from rubbing against the concrete. I remember the sound of the lemon (it had beads in it so it was like a rattle). So nice to see this. =)

Ferrara Pan - Lemonhead two-sided candy box - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

My fave toy when I was a kid! I wore a hole in it from skipping too much!

Wasn't without this either. It's been brought back but I hear they changed the formula and it's more "sugary lemon" than just straight lemon. But I found a substitute for the original scent. L'Occitane verbena.

Love's Fresh Lemon-I remember this ad in Seventeen Magazine

...well, not ALL 8 flavors are delicious--the chocolate and licorice flavors can take a hike, but those purple clove ones? NOW those are worth buying the whole pack for. I still buy these every year to put in the kids' shoes on New Year's Eve (what? Santy Bogus doesn't come to your house on New Year's Eve and leave candy in the shoes by the fireplace? This must be a southern mountain thing.)

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren / via Jasper Armstrong on Flickr

New 'Tato Skins got baked potato appeal 'cause they're made from potatoes and skins that are real! 1985 keebler tato skins bag by mankatt, via Flickr

I remember these cans so well. The lid was pried of with an end of a spoon and you pushed it bck into place.

I remember my poor mother moving the table and chairs out of the kitchen and having to wax the floor, wait for it to dry, and then put all the furniture back in the kitchen. My, how times have changed!! And I can still remember the smell of this too!