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    mid 1980s Sunshine Lemon Coolers cookies

    I truly loved this T.V.!!

    we used to think these were candy! Loved taking them to school


    OMG..I loved these! lol

    archies comics, loved them : )

    Loved these

    Music Box Ballerina.

    loved these!

    Loved these guys

    Metal lunch box & Thermos

    1960s Prell shampoo. My hair loved it until the 80s when they stopped it.

    You don't see Jack anymore.

    mcdonalds cookies Loved those!

    McDonalds Cookies

    1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All

    i loved these!

    I loved this book!

    I loved this stuff!

    Things Every Kid In The ‘90s Can Relate To: Perfecting your box stitch...i had forgot about these!