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Have seen one of these in OK! LOVE

Trampolines are great backyard investments for both kids and adults. Popular in-ground trampolines are safer than above ground systems. In-Ground Trampolines

DIY Inground Trampoline Instructions. I have 6 of these and I use them to jump out of 2nd and 3rd floor windows... digging the hole was a bitch...

DIY Inground Trampoline Instructions

Since we had a limited budget on our backyard project, my cute hubby, AKA Awesomeness, designed our inground trampoline plan. Dan had searched online for days. A good tutorial was no where to be found.

Sunken Trampoline – safer for children… and looks pretty cool too!

Good for kids who spend time on I phones or I pads. They might get some exercise with this.A sunken trampoline is safer for kids and looks really cool Idea to have in your garden! Just dig out a hole in your garden and set up the trampoline. by nikki

In-Ground Trampoline Are Safer Way To Jump High In Your Backyard -  #fun #outdoors

In-Ground Trampoline Are Safer Way To Jump High In Your Backyard

How to install a trampoline in ground- maybe we will do this someday- seems way cooler than above ground!

How to Install an In Ground Trampoline – with or without margaritas

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This is the best idea ever! As a kid I had 2 trampolines 1 at 11 and a new one at 14 because the wind always blew them in the ditch by our house. Well this would have been the best idea plus we wouldn't have to move it to mow.

build a support wall for an inground trampoline

building instructions for in-ground trampoline (or maybe an in-ground above ground pool) = COOL! This is what tony needs to build instead of a pond!

The nitty gritty about building your own sunken trampoline.

Sink your trampoline by installing it at ground level making it an in-ground trampoline which is a sunken trampoline by being in a hole

Please, somebody tell me I'm not too old to play in this backyard playground? I'm dying to try out this in-ground trampoline. Design by Arcadia Design Group in Centennial, CO. For more backyard landscaping pictures visit: http://www.landscapingnetwork.com/pictures/backyard-landscaping_1/

Backyard Play Area Backyard Landscaping Arcadia Design Group Centennial, CO (Trampoline at ground level!

In-ground trampoline with a pool that looks like a pond!!

"Pool disguised as pond with in ground trampoline in place of a diving board! This is my idea of an in ground pool." -- I don't like the disguised as a pond idea but I LOVE the trampoline idea!