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    beginning of the year - daily behavior goals

    • Ashley Banowetz

      Task 3 - Identify Long-Range Classroom Goals - Create goals for the class based on behaviors that need to be reinforced. When a student doesn't follow the goal, simply point to the board. - I think this would be really good for the beginning of the year. From the start, we need to start reinforcing our classroom rules. But instead of thinking of them as rules, we can also think of them as goals.

    • Shannon Hunter

      Have a daily class goal that everyone must work on. I thought about doing this for each individual student.. Have it on their desk.. a dry erase mat.. Could be daily or weekly goal.

    • Lindsey S

      Good for classroom management. Chose daily goal depending on what behavior needs to be focused on/improved (based on day before behavior) whole group/individual. Remember to reward and praise behavior.

    • Alicia Ann

      beginning of the year - daily behavior the idea and think it would work for weekly goals that come out of our Monday class meeting!

    • Loretta Knorr

      Today's Class Behavior Goals- have students take ownership! -- use with those classes that repeatedly have a hard time with behavior

    • Erin Holbrook

      Our Daily Class Goals. Could grow this up a bit for my students, but could help with some behaviour modification.

    • Wendy Favata

      Today's Class Behavior Goals- have students take ownership.

    • Jordan VanEngen

      Our Daily Class Goals. Set at morning meeting.

    • Hannah Smith

      Classroom management Our Daily Class Goals

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    Pinner said: I have half of these cards up in my class and my kids love choosing their goal each day and I have noticed a huge difference in the way they are during the day. They really like reaching their goals, and it's helping teach them to manage themselves in a different way. LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!

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    Get rid of the "treasure box" rewards. THIS IS AWESOME! Just what my class needs!

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    Tattling - would be great to use these cards at the beginning of the year to act out scenarios and come up with possible solutions.

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    I can board. Would 100% use this in my classrooms so students know what they are doing for the day and also helps administrators and parents see what the objectives are for the day. Much better than having plain objectives written across the board.

    A great way to view bird development and behavior in your classroom.

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    Cool ideas for a positive way to reinforce good work habits and behavior! I need to visit the dollar store!

    I have far too many classes to do this with and my kids wouldnt appreciate it from a student teacher, at least not in class time. But, for those of you with the same class throughout the year and with younger kids, this is a great idea to show them that you appreciate each and every one of them.

    great idea - used a photo of one of the kids in class to do this

    When discussing an issue in class, get students to write their opinions and place them in a large thought bubble. Great for critical thinking and preview into a unit.

    Wish I had thought of this... maybe next year!

    Laminate, have students write the answer to an exit slip with dry erase marker. Color code by class. Good way to quickly assess. Kids grab ticket on way in the room, drop in basket on way out.

    Tell the class to keep the noise level down so the balls won't bounce {so very cool!!}