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  • Stephanie Streckfus

    So true, I used to be obsessed with that library! My dream house still has a huge library because of this movie :-)

  • Marianne Maurer

    Whilte watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast": What most of the little girls wanted ... What I wanted ... So. True. Just give me the library and I'm sold.

  • Sarah Prasser

    Watching Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" - Funny pictures show what most of little girls wanted while watching Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and what I wanted, true story I still want this in my dream home

  • Syllver

    Seriously, I still describe my dream library as "the library from Beauty and the Beast"

  • Catherine Charan

    book nerd. Beauty and the Beast

  • Brittni Tee

    but seriously, the scene with the library is why beauty and the beast is my favourite disney movie.

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That's deffenetly my favorite thing any prince has given a princess in a Disney movie

Books are by far my number one addiction in life. I cannot be without a book or a growing collection of them. When I did not have the money to buy the latest books being published--I had the library.

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Because I love them like they're my babies

Can't stop laughing!>>> after this is us, we went to Target and moved every Taylor Swift CD to horror

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The Power of Fiction…(gif) ~ i love how the actions are all so accurate to the characters. Dean gives a kiss, Sherlock tries to comfort awkwardly, Harry is that sweet guy friend.