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    • Erin Moria

      fourth of july - rice krispie treat recipe - star - budget friendly

    • G Michael Salon - Indianapolis

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    • Deborah Arnau

      4th of July idea! Decorate a full pan with stripes and sprinkles. Then help your kids cut out star shapes and pop them right onto ice-cream sticks for a patriotic snack on the go.

    • Harveys Supermarkets

      Fourth of July Cut-Outs Recipe | Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies®... Decorate a full pan with stripes and sprinkles. Then help your kids cut out star shapes and pop them right onto sticks for a patriotic snack on the go.

    • Bridget Welch

      fourth of july food ideas | July 4th Recipes and Dessert Ideas | Snackpicks - Ideas to Snack On

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