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Have each child make one of these. Give each child a sheet with everyone's name on it. They walk around and ask their peers, "What time is it?". Without "telling", they simply show their watch. Times are recorded on the record sheet. When each child has "asked" everyone, meet back and check.

Laura Candler's Time and Measurement Resources - Free printables and other helpful resources for teaching time and measurement

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8 activities to help your kids learn to tell time

Whether your kids are just reaching the age where they are ready to learn to tell time, or they are struggling to grasp the concept, these fun activities are just what you need to make the learning process fun and engaging!

If you don't have this, NOW is the time to get it. Visual Schedules made super easy & teaching of emotions and waiting. Belongs in your app toolbox. Choiceworks - Visual Support System with Schedule, Feelings and Waiting Picture Boards for Special Education and Autism - Educational App