Michael Savage: Obama ‘most evil’ president ever - Warns tyranny begins with kind of rhetoric delivered over the weekend had that Barack Obama is a Marxist should be alleviated now after hearing his rhetoric in a speech in Virginia over the weekend, top talk-radio host Michael Savage told his listeners last night.


"If Iran Cheats The World Will Know It" ~ President Obama

5 Seconds Of Summer


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I dont know why we dont just mail this to kids in aftica because this will make anyones life better

Obama-- A History

Mikey and Luke giving calum a hard time hahaha

A President at war against his own country.

"yin" by savage-remy on Polyvore featuring NIKE, Michael Kors and Native Union


HAHAHAHAHA if you listen closely you can hear me laughing on the floor while crying>>>> Oh my god XD


Michael imagine ~ This one makes me laugh, omfg Luke

Sorry about our President, Israel.

Lol "breastmilk"<<< Haha yeah but the point of this is Mikey is a fucking sweetheart!

There are many facts that people don't know or don't want to know about what has changed in America because of President Obama. This article sheds some light on those facts.

5SOS SHOULD NEVER STOP TWEETING!!! I LOVE THEIR TWEETS!!>>>oh Michael XD and I agree. They shouldn't stop haha

The Movie Obama REALLY Doesn’t Want You To See!