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  • Pam Runge

    Admit it $ get RID OF HIM! You're following a glorified CON MAN! Giving him your money & OURS! YOU are weakening our military,devaluing our dollar,set up a health care system FILLED w/taxes and regulations! Obamacare can sterilize your 15 yr. old daughter w/o your permission or knowledge! It'll decide who gets medical care and who isn't worth saving! If you're over 70 forget tests or operations. If they decide you have less than 10 yrs. forget tests & operations & it'll cost $3-5,000.

  • PB Maxx

    And ALL Americans paid the price for him and his followers

  • Loupy's Recipe Box

    Complete utter failure.

  • DeeDee

    The sad truth is that he is NOT failing to do what the Socialist planned to do in the first place!

  • David Thomas

    obama, liberals, democrats, republicans, socialist, fascists, Marxist, teaparty, libertarian, progressives, patriot,

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"The secret to FREEDOM lies in educating people, whereas the secret to tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." Maximillian Robespierre #medicalmarijuana #marijuanalegalization

It's true...wait and see!

Wow! Puts life in prospective . . . Madame-Bazaar

Thank you to all the Fallen and all the Active military Men and Women who have sacrificed for our Country God Bless America Home of the free because of the Brave

Vintage Made in the USA Metal Sign. It says allot when a "Made In The U S A" sign is vintage. All things made today should still bear this proud label. Time for ALL Americans to STOP buying goods from other countries, especially those that hate us. >>CHINA, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.

wanna know why? it basically says don't pretend to be something you're not because then you never have true friends. You just have fakes who hang out with you because they only know the person you said you were. These people aren't your real friends. You will have real friends only when you open yourself to the world.

Which Middle Eastern Country respects our flag and our nation?.....only ONE! And Obama is going to ruin this. VOTE OBAMA OUT in November!!!