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Excessive golfing from our President while our economy spins out of control. DO A SEARCH ON HOW MUCH HIM AND MICHELE GO PLAY ON THE TAX PAYERS DOLLAR....CRAZY SHIT RIGHT THERE

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In Obama's own words...


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Obama Spends Romantic Holiday With Golf Buddies, Away From Michelle

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Fourth Round

Semi-Retired President Spends Another Day On The Golf Course…

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After Saying “I Should’ve Anticipated the Optics” of Golfing After Foley Beheading Speech… Obama Goes Golfing

Forget Benghazi

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What was Obama doing during those 8 hours? Why didn't he save 4 American lives?....article here

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A golfer's on greens as much as possible 23.4"w x 23"h- Vinyl Wall Art / vinyl decal

Golfer'S Motto

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I love golf!

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CFJ►Turn The WH Blue on

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Diesel Power on

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Golf poster - US Open Vintage print - 11x14 or 16x20 golf print

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Vintage Golf Print

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The Lifestyle and Fashion of Womens Golf. And they say golf isn't a sport!