For that nasty cold....hahahahaha

my life

Because carrying tissues in your pocket would be ridiculous.

Butter in a glue stick tube (and 19 other inventions that might secretly be awesome) via Buzzfeed

I want a pair...but the real winner would be picnic boobs so I don't lose food down my shirt.

27 crazy inventions from the past. I couldn't stop laughing. The baby cage thing scares me! And why are some of these not around today!?

'useless' japanese products some of them look pretty nifty though.

These are all amazing.

Haha love it!

Cool inventions/ crazy inventions

Cool inventions part 1

In bad taste

baby mop. BRILLIANT!

It's Pooh Bear! Unfortunately. That POOR MAN! #fashion #disaster #funny #lol #prom

Delete Cookies #ABeginnersGuideToSalad #CookieMonster #DeleteCookies #FunnyFood

Awesome Pranks

Awesome inventions

i've been laughing at this for five minutes