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    Might as well have fun with the snow and put a smile on someone's face during the winter!! I am so doing this if I ever go back to live in a place that has a lot of snow!

    lol it would make me so happy if someone did this to my car!!!

    Love it!

    Bad day

    33 harmless April Fools jokes... I'm gonna be happy I pinned this

    25 most hilarious windshield notes ever...learn how to park Hellen Keller.

    Shoulda used my head..

    why men should not own action figures. Cannot stop laughing.

    SO doing that this summer! @Sara Davis @Kelsey Black @Shelby Montez: Car, Bucket List, Bucketlist, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Things

    HAHA! totally!

    Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad...these are HILARIOUS MUST READ!!!

    Wearing Winter Clothes


    How to float. 1: Pour some water on the ground. 2: Step away from water. 3: Take a photo. Im way more amused by this than I should be

    35 things you will never see again...but you'll want to tell your kids about

    "So... my brother mailed me a potato again." He must have seen that pin about all the things you can mail by just putting stamps on them.

    I think of this every time

    Finger Twister Game - $4.99 // I bet you could easily make this for a simple party favor. Or for tables for guest to play with while waiting for food.

    This made me laugh! Had the caption, Why have I never thought of this? ------- Fart Lab - New content daily!