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Imperial Obama “Will Not Limit Himself” to What Congress Does

President Obama reminded Congress and the American people yesterday that he’ll use his executive power in any way he can think of.
  • Sons of Liberty Tees

    Your King has spoken. - Liberty & Patriotic Threads

  • Kathy Johnson

    Obama Admin Announces 'Retroactive' Obamacare Subsidies - the Obama administration quietly announced it will allow consumers in states with busted Obamacare websites to retroactively bag taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies, even if they purchased health insurance outside the Obamacare marketplace

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Read this and immediately thought Obama, but then asked my sister and mom who they thought said this without saying it was Hitler. Within seconds they both snickered and said Obama. That says something.

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All Governments are corrupt. There is no manner of wickedness unknown to man in this age. It is truth to know that governments of all people seek only to control and they therefore use wickedness, lies, and evil doings to bring this to pass. All things to them are for control, and not unlike an addiction there is no amount of control which satiates them or shall ever be enough even to the personal enslavement of all God's Children.

some people are just terrible. get on with your day.

Think life is worth living by this rule !

Stuff like this really pisses me off. I know, there are some lazy idiots out there who make the rest of us look bad. But not all of us on welfare are lazy. Both my husband and I work, but due to stingy corporations, neither of us make enough to get by. I'm just sick of ignorant people opening their mouths and stereotyping a bunch of people just because of a few idiots.

Who is "the government" getting its money from? The U.S. taxpayer - and there are fewer and fewer of those!

  • Jake Anthony

    They pay for the stability of our economy. They make imaginative money to keep cooperations running so the capitalist stay rich and we won't go into another depression.

We need a government "Of the People" and NOT of the corporations...