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    People, this is EXACTLY why we have the Constitution, and THREE EQUAL branches of government!



    • Debi Stewart

      People, this is EXACTLY why we have the Constitution, and THREE EQUAL branches of government! He doesn't think he has to follow any of the rules/constitution.

    • Kathy

      Obama Admin Announces 'Retroactive' Obamacare Subsidies - the Obama administration quietly announced it will allow consumers in states with busted Obamacare websites to retroactively bag taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies, even if they purchased health insurance outside the Obamacare marketplace

    • Payton Annie

      “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need,” President Obama said Tuesday. “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

    • Sara Manion

      AND THERE YOU HAVE IT AMERICA. Yep, bypassing Constitutional laws, TYRANNY IN THE WHITE HOUSE! Oh, yah...he's an ASS!

    • Sue Merriner

      Imperial Obama “Will Not Limit Himself” to What Congress Does obama's been going around congress all along and they've just been letting him do it.

    • Sue Merriner

      Imperial Obama “Will Not Limit Himself” to What Congress Does Break his fingers and hide the phone!

    • Harold S Self

      Obama Promises More Gun Control “With Or Without Congress!”

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    Amen to that!!!!!

    OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDERS. Changing our country's laws by BYPASSING CONGRESS and the normal PROCESS mandated by the CONSTITUTION by which our LAWS are normally instituted. If you don't GRASP is the difference between our REPUBLIC....and how a DICTATOR runs a country. A DICTATOR just MANDATES according to his WHIMS. Think about it......NOT a good thing.

    Executive Order 13603 He just continues to take OUR RIGHTS and ALL other forms of Governments just sits there and let it happen ...... SERIOUSLY!!!!! IT is time to clean OUT all of this entire administration no matter Republicans or Democrats Period!! Time for Term Limits to be set as everyone owes to many people for favors and money. This is a Self Serving Government and we need one that Honors and Follows "The Oath", Constitution and Bill of Rights!!!

    130 Million women have undergone female genital mutilation Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World. Stop Sharia Law and stop the US government from sending taxpayer money to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License - Tom O'Halloran

    Barack Obama President

    Obamacare: JUST SAY NO!!!

    Says the "constitutional" law professor.

    Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal Agenda's photo:


    Until we, the people, vote Conservative in 2014 and take away his power. Take the Senate and add to the House and he will be stopped for the next 3 years.

    The US government does not represent the will of the American people.

    He REALLY said this! And the loud and obnoxious Liberal minority STILL worship him… WOW!!!

    It's about time somebody got it and actually said it out loud! Why reward them for breaking our laws?

    This is the face of sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. YOUR government (under Obama) gives money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop closing your eyes to this.

    This is what happens when only the government has guns......BO's your Worst president EVER for the next 2 years, remember that!!!! He's got lots of time to do his evil!

    ,Believe it.....from the worst president EVER!