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Awwww!!! ♥ Mamas and their babies.

Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

swan mom, #cute, #animal - swim Mom...we want to see the other side of the lake.... Aren't they just adorable.

Big Puppy - Either: "I don't feel good... Please HOLD me" OR: But, but, but I don't NEED any shots!!!!!!!!!!!

AWWWWW. This makes me want to have another babe and pup!!! :)

Happy Little Baby Sweetheart Swan, Adorable Moments in Nature !! ♥

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Swans. Male swan (called a cob) Female (called a pen) Swans usually form pairs for life. The young or baby swans are called cygnets. Swan nests are usually a large pile of reeds and water plants. Female usually lays four to six eggs. She incubates them until they hatch about 30-35 days later.The male guards the nest from predators and may take over incubation so that the female can feed. The babies emerge short-necked and thickly downed.

Yesterday we saw flocks of swans migrating north. Beautiful in the sky, as well as on water.