Clear plastic pockets

Rainbow Window Shades – Easy Way to Display Art. See post for details.

Mondrian windows with tissue paper and black electrical tape - what a creative, educational way to liven up the room!

Hooks & rod tape holder

Moveable documentation - love this! Another great Reggio FDK blog

Great way to display colour wall!

Every child decorates a stone and then adds a weatherproofing varnish. What an amazingly welcoming display!

glitter clothespins to display things in the classroom

Use stacked chairs as drying racks for paintings! Now that's clever!

Pretty display for an infant room

What a great way to display a variety of students work that is an interactive display .. by Squarehead Teachers: "inspiration in a box" class project display

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students sign out when they leave the classroom

Student Work Display for hallway

Duct Tape Baggie Quit to display student work

this idea could easily be made into a library display or bulletin board

display students work with clipboards...paint and cover the ugly metal piece with a cute and super easy

A great idea for any important inquiry based word or values, brainstorm and write on the letters to display.

Cute classroom display using curled paper! Easy and colorful to go with any decor!

this teacher's work display wall is with sheet protectors! Great idea...

TEACHERS- As a back-to-school craft for the whole class, buy a 24/30 piece puzzle and paint all the pieces white. Then give your new students the materials they need to decorate their own piece. Glue the puzzle together and display it in your classroom. Shows the kids that they're all unique pieces of a puzzle and that it's good to work together!