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I Should Come With A Warning Label Tshirt. Would Make An Awesome Present.

just a minute message from our sponsors . i think my cat threw up WHAT ?

São pequenas mentiras, daquelas que não machucam ninguém, muitas vezes apenas para convencermos a nós mesmos – o que raramente funciona. “Esta noite eu não vou beber” é um exemplo clássico. O trabalho é da designer Lauren Hom, que vai ilustrando num blog “pequenas mentiras adoráveis”. A moda pegou e ela já vende camisetas, quadros, blusas ou ecobags com os posters.

Designer cria posters com pequenas mentiras que todo mundo conta

Lovely little lies founded and curated by Lauren Hom. Order the Daily Dishonesty book here. Submit your own hand lettered lie here.

This is how I felt about math as a child...but now, dare I say math is my favorite subject? I love how math is taught hands on these days!

Dear Math: I am a therapist, but still want you to solve your own problems.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 80 Pics

whoever is in charge of making sure I don't do stupid sh*t is fired.

i miss you quotes

i miss you quotes