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i picked this picture for the art board because the pink flowers blowing in the wind in front of the effile tower. i also realized the tower was not left alone to just stay its original color it kind of has a pinch of pink in the tower.

http://travaux-de-peinture-a-paris.fr/entreprise-de-peinture-paris/ TVB…

I've wanted to visit Paris since I was a little girl. I've forgotten most of my francais from high school, but maybe someday I'll be able to use it in au Paris.

Scaling the Eiffel Tower has a price, but the view from below is spectacular in its own right, and a perfect backdrop to a leisurely picnic in the surrounding grassy area. Be sure to visit the tower at night when it sparkles each hour with an awe-inspiring ten-minute display of 20,000 glittering white lights.

I love how the girl is looking out into the city, the photo looks wonderous with the Eiffel Tower faded in the back. I hope one day i can travel to paris and see it too


When I went to Paris, someone told me the best view of Paris is not the view from the Eiffel Tower, but a view that includes the Eiffel Tower. I guess this picture explains it @ Seine Cruise Bucket list item.

Can't really go around the world without stopping by Paris... :-) Paris je t'aime by ~LacuraART (deviantart)

Paris- city of lights, love, and someother stuff. Cant wait to see all of paris from the eiffel tower!

Gustave Eiffel was one of greatest engineer of his time. In 1883 the government decided to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, to organize a World Exhibition in Paris in 1889. The France must present the image of a strong nation and projects multiplied to represent the force. Gustave Eiffel, introduced the draft tower. Initially, the idea does not appeal, but In 1887, construction of the Tour starts. It was completed March 31, 1889. It is the triumph of Gustave Eiffel.

The construction of the Eiffel Tower

Paris in spring photo - Le printemps - Eiffel tower and spring blossoms

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fairytale wonderings... Been there but want this photo. And I want to go with Travis.

Love the dress, the hat, the scenery. I just love everything about this picture!