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Not a fan of either, but this made me laugh

They're considering a Twilight theme park. [Incoherent sobbing] I don't want to live in a world where Twilight has theme parks

Yep. Need this.

not only would it be the books I want, but legos! shut the front door!

She really needs to get her priorities straight.

"She needs to sort out her priorities" -Ron Weasley.I'm sorry Twilight fans, but I had to laugh.

Twilight vs Harry Potter

Very good points. HP wins every time. I don't like HP but I hate twilight even more so HP wins in my book!

"You shouldn't cry because you're stupid. You should cry because you're sad. For instance, I cry because people are stupid and that makes me sad." --Sheldon Cooper

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 44 Pics Justin Bieber chooses Twilight over Harry Potter -__-

Harry Potter coffee cup humor ;-)

a coffee drinker told a Starbucks barista that his name was Lord Voldemort and when he got his drink, this was written on the cup.

me neither, malfoy.  me neither.

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Coindence, I THINK NOT - FunSubstance.com on imgfave

Funny pictures about Probably not a coincidence. Oh, and cool pics about Probably not a coincidence. Also, Probably not a coincidence.