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Detroit's 8 mile ghetto ruins

July,1967 the National Guardsmen patrolling the ruins after the 12th Street riots in Detroit. The riots were socially, economically and racially motivated.

Brush Park was 22 blocks of Victorian mansions between downtown and midtown. Created in 1860 by entrepenure Edmund Brush for Detroit's elite. Sadly depopulation, the 1943 race riots and crime reduced Brush Park to ruins.

Eminem's childhood home 19946 Dresden Street, between 7 & 8 mile road on Detroit's East Side. After a fire the house was demolished in 2013.

Eight Mile Road Detroit. A dividing line between the poor, unemployed blacks on the South side and the elite white's on the North side.

The First Unitarian Church. Arson is a raging epidemic sweeping Detroit. The 4th of July has become a horrifying ritual of widespread arson. Also, Oct 30th "The Devils Night" is widespread vandalism and arson.

Brush Park, conceived in 1860 was the home of Detroit's elite. With the creation of auto's and streetcars the elite started moving out of the inner city early in the 20th century. During the great depression many larger mansions were converted to apartments and the fast growing working class moved in. By WW2 many homes in Brush Park were permantly abandoned.

The 12th Street riots in Detroit 1967. It lasted for 5 days. 1,189 wounded, 7,200 arrested (26 were snipers) 43 dead, 300 families left homeless, 2000 building's looted or destroyed. Estimated damage $40- $45 million. The scars are still seen and felt today.

William Livingstone House 294 Elliot St. Brush Park. Built 1897 Demolished 2007. He was publisher of Detroit Evening Journal.

Due to severe budget cuts, shortage of equipment and manpower and many "out of sevice" hydrants the arson problem is out of control