I am so ready for the super bowl!!!

Great Super Bowl aricle..The Patriots want nothing to do the Giants player Victor Cruz's "Salsa". Hmm wonder how many Pats fans will be serving salsa this year????

NFL M&Ms - just bought three bags!

this is how you do #tbt

Super Bowl 2012: A Legendary Rematch #infographics Just ignore the part where they said the last time they met was in Super Bowl XLII - the Pats lost to the Giants earlier this year.

look at the stats...yes he is a top 5 qb!

10th Anniversary of "The Tuck Rule" game. Yup, I was there!

Lebron..hit or miss??? Heat need to take it up a notch, Lebron needs to act "as if"

Giant's football fans, Manning Fans, Eli fans or haters..Check out this article...The Eli we now see is definitely top 10!!

The end of the Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady discussion....who's the better quarterback??? Stats back Brady up, but I have my doubts...what do you think??? Read this article!!!!!

Oh yeah, "I want to be Tom Brady" too - to paraphrase a wise man, "It wouldn't suck"

Maybe hurts a *little* less...

Good article! Hughes and His Bitter Views.....oh I guess all sports fans are a little bitter!!! Go Texans and All Things Houston?1? Well, I'm not so sure about that!

Herd says time for Colts to move on...I'm not so sure...Your Thoughts?

I'm ready!

Make Way for the Gronklings!

All Boston All the Time....

Espn has had a field day with this story!

View it, pin it, like it...Awesome contributor!! Great opinions on sports!! Need I say more! A plus...He is a Giants fan!!!