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Lunch tie

Turn any dinner party into a top notch black tie event with this fun idea. Dress for Dinner Napkins by Hector Serrano

Ok. We each need one of these!! Color changing umbrella ~ rain water splats various colors as it hits

Color changing umbrella, rain water splats various colors as it hits. I want this so bad!

Funny Creative Stuff, this site got a few of em!

Slip your door keys into these rubber key fobs and you can pretend you're reaching for your pistol every time you open the door! Two gun designs per pack. Choose from the classic handgun or the magnum pistol.

If you're going to San Francisco, or even Glastonbury, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair because anything goes in this groovy four-man, twin room tent. Why? 'Cos it's a full-size, officially licensed replica of the iconic 1965 Vee-Dub Camper Van adored by hippies galore during the Summer of Love.

All you hippie campers can now go camping in this ultimate hippie tent. The VW Camper Van Tent is an officially licensed stunning four-man .

How your shirt should really look. Bad fit vs. good fit. Ditch the parachute shirts.

Good fit vs bad fit How is it that people don't understand this? It seems pretty obvious to me, but so many guys go around wearing clothes that don't fit them properly.

color changing umbrella ~ rain water splats various colors as it hits umbrella. LOVE!

Roundup: Cheerful umbrellas for grouchy skies

Colour changing umbrella - changes colors as rain drops fall on it!

Pantone + Rubik’s cube = Rubitone!

One can say whatever you like about the Pantone Cups, Nice, Fun or maybe to much. But the Rubiks Cube in Pantone colours. WOW, thats branding. Play On Pantone!

Take my money, c'mon! Take it now!

Take my money, c'mon! Take it now!

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Caixas de Correio Criativas

clean your teeth with cat vomit, twice a day, every day. Because boys and cat vomit will always go together no matter how old they are LOL


Reusable Food Beverage Holder - Such a great idea for camping, parties and tailgating! How amazing! Why didn't I think of that.