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Put On Your Big Girl Panties Funny Underwear Art Typographic Print. Dorm Room Decor. Humorous Deal With It Mini Poster. Purple Teenager Art....

"A good boy ALWAYS sleeps with his hands above the covers." Note how the good boy is WIDE AWAKE, and that bad boy (do *you* see his hands anywhere? Bad, *bad* boy) is relaaaaxed and sleeping peacefully.

The best advice I can give military SOs! It's not meant to be mean, this life is difficult and requires the correct approach. You can't control the military so don't try, bitch about when you need to, cry when you have to, then put your big girl panties on and deal with it :)

Photography Quotes, Word Graphics, Text Graphics, Word Art

the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do // steve jobs

Photography Quotes, Word Graphics, Text Graphics, Word Art

How sweet is this? Your smiling face subway art. Thanks, James Taylor, for a great quote.

18 Oscar Wilde Quotes That Might As Well Have Been Said By "The Golden Girls" - BuzzFeed Mobile

i heart ashley g. i have a few of her prints already, and i stalk her blog. i kinda can't wait to order this!