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I am the short friend, and there was a time when I was actually taller than my bff Wankowicz -- we were in fact 10 or 11 years old

This happens to many times...

Curly hair problem: Searching for bobby pins in your hair. -- Every time!

tall girl problems - Bing Images>or "The tall person/one"

Tall Girl Problem yep my teachers called me that all the time at the beginning of the year, and it is my designated job to turn on the projector on the ceiling every morning!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 52 Pics

Making weird faces in photos because it's better to look ugly on purpose.

or dinner table.

This is a reason why I HATE school. And then you look at the other girls and THEY have their legs crossed. And then it just hurts when I try to cross then because my legs his the desk

Thought I was the only one.... Someone else shares my agony

hot potato Get it, get it guys. It's funny because there's a song about a hot potato. And we just got called a potato. And well .

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Kendra, 20 years old, theoriginaltgpFor all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure. Through all the teasing, feeling out of place & short hems, I'm finally coming.

stuck on doorknob fail

Short girl problems ( if I had those door knobs it would probably be so)