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Go missionaries!

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I'm *crying* just get through it! #Isaiah #BoM

Just keep reading, reading, reading. What do we do? We read!

Catholic humor

funny face I love you.funny face i need you.you have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

My church crossed with the Princess Bride...best thing ever

What do Mormons believe? There is too much let me sum up articles of faith princess bride

Haha!  I remember my sister hollering at me, "The Devil comes out at midnight!"

Fab 5: Mormon Humor

I know its an old one but it cracks me up every time especially with the Dwight voice. Love LDSSmile and Mormon Memes

lol....these sacrament meeting stories are hilarious!

11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You

11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You - LDS Missionaries

Some of the most humorous, spiritual and inspirational memes and posts from this past weekend.

Some of the Most Inspirational, Spiritual and Humorous Memes From LDS General Conference

I'm not sure when I developed a visual association between the Salt Lake City LDS temple and the Disney Pictures logo- but, I had to .