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Wolf in sheep skin

There's always been that one saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing". If a wolf is dressed up as a sheep, the other sheep won't run off. Then the wolf can kill and eat the sheep. So he is dressed as a sheep to deceive the real sheep.

Tête varié

Geometric Animals Owl Fox Wolf Bear door CatherineLazarOdell i kind of like the fox and wolf.

a p a t h y c.

a match made in heaven. "If I Could I Would Give You the Entire Universe" x 11 print - I like the idea of creating one as a photo collage

This is what I saw at night w/ lines and dimensions in the night sky/forms behind constellations/can see this in clouds, esp. at night

Currently one of my favorite bands right now and I love this song -- Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. This song seriously gives me chills every time I listen to it.

GEOMETRY: Today's Inspiration.

GEOMETRY: Today's Inspiration

Photographing a scene through paper cut-outs. reina takahashi OR layer a paper cut out on top of a printed photo-could be a good assignment

Tattoo - Idea - Geometric - Color - Bear - Animal - Polygon

Polygon Heroes - The Kingdom - The Lord. - Polygon Heroes - The Kingdom - The Lord Commander “ This print “The Lord Commander” refers to the status of the the Great Bear as the Commander of The Kings Army within this medieval animal world.